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  • HD 5/15 C *EU

    390,000.00 AMD

    Practical, mobile, versatile: the HD 5/15 C cold water high-pressure cleaner for vertical and horizontal operation. With accessory storage, brass cylinder head and automatic pressure relief.

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  • HD 6/15-4 Classic

    440,000.00 AMD

    Single-phase, compact, strong: the service-friendly HD 6/15-4 Classic high-pressure cleaner with a 600 l/h water flow, powerful crankshaft pump, ceramic piston and the latest sealing technology.

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  • HD 6/15 M

    515,000.00 AMD

    Мобильный аппарат высокого давления HD 6/15 M с индукционным двигателем и трехпоршневой аксиальной помпой. Компактное, надежное, энергоэффективное устройство с высокой производительностью очистки для ежедневного применения.

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  • HD 10/21-4 S

    1,100,000.00 AMD

    Аппарат высокого давления без подогрева воды HD 10/21-4 S в вертикальном конструктивном исполнении впечатляет системой управления с манометрическим выключателем, пистолетом EASY!Force и поворотной струйной трубкой из нержавеющей стали.

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  • apparaty-vysokogo-davleniya/hd-7/18-4-classic

    HD 7/18-4 Classic

    620,000.00 AMD

    HD 7/18-4 Classic three-phase high-pressure cleaner reliable, low-maintenance, three-phase high-pressure cleaner. With a powerful crankshaft pump, rugged ceramic piston, innovative sealing technology and a water flow of 700 l/h.

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  • HD 9/20-4 Classic

    720,000.00 AMD

    Most powerful high-pressure cleaner of the HD Classic Range: HD 9/20-4 Classic with 900 l/h water flow, three-phase drive and crankshaft pump with ceramic piston. For long service intervals.

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  • HDS 5/15 U *EU

    995,000.00 AMD

    Our HDS 5/15 U hot water high-pressure cleaner impresses with its extremely compact, ergonomically sophisticated upright design, as well as exceptional performance characteristics.

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  • Pressure washer HD 9/18-4 Cage Classic

    750,000.00 AMD

    The high-pressure cleaner HD 9/18-4 Cage Classic impresses with a water throughput of 900 litres/hour, crankshaft pump with ceramic pistons, excellent sealing technology and long service intervals.

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  • HDS 10/20-4 M *EU-I

    2,280,000.00 AMD

    HDS 10/20-4 M – the most powerful 3-phase hot water high-pressure cleaner in the Kärcher middle class. With 4-pole, water-cooled electric motor, 2 cleaning agent tanks, service electronics.

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Showing all 9 results

New EASY! Force and EASY! Lock accessories

The revolutionary EASY! Force high-pressure gun control concept is the use of recoil from a high-pressure jet to reduce pressure on the trigger of the gun. Changing nozzles has now become faster at times compared to a similar mount.

Weed control

Using a high-pressure water heating apparatus equipped with the Kärcher weed control device, you can eliminate unwanted vegetation in the most environmentally friendly way - without any herbicides, only with hot water.

Cleaning Agents

Kärcher's detergents and care agents for high-pressure cleaners are designed to achieve maximum cleaning results with the minimum of energy and time. At the same time, they reduce the level of waste water pollution caused by mineral oil residues thanks to their special formulas that are easy to filter and separate.

Cleaning and protecting commercial vehicles

High-performance cleaning agents for powerful cleaning of stubborn dirt on roads and building sites - can be used with cold and hot water high-pressure cleaners.

Versatility for industrial applications

Fast-acting, gentle cleaning agents which also remove stubborn dirt such as oils, grease and rust.

Cleanliness and hygiene in the food industry

Effective cleaning agents and disinfectants with approval for use with foodstuffs in accordance with the DGHM (German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology) and DVG (German Association of Gas and Water) disinfectant lists.

Polished surfaces for the entrance to your car dealership

Showroom sheen and value retention on any car, even under the hood, thanks to gentle cleaners for all kinds of surfaces and materials.

Benefits of hot water high-pressure cleaners

High water temperatures produced by hot water high-pressure cleaners allow a reduction in working pressure, cleaning time and the amount of cleaning agent required. Benefits of hot water high-pressure cleaners compared to cold water high-pressure cleaners:

  • Better cleaning result
  • Reduced cleaning agent consumption
  • Shorter drying time
  • Improved hygiene
  • Shorter working time

Using hot water offers a significant time saving of up to 35% with improved cleaning results.

Kärcher iSolar. The system solution for solar module cleaning.

Our recommendation:

The HDS 10/20-4 M hot water high-pressure cleaner or HD 10/23-4 S cold water high-pressure cleaner for optimum cleaning results.

  • Very high cleaning and area performance
  • Contra-rotating disc brushes
  • Telescopic lance made from carbon/glass fibre composite
  • Reach of 1.8 - 14 metres (depending on the telescopic lance)