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  • Bicycles
  • Houses and façades
  • Swimming pools and large patio areas
  • Mobile homes and sport utility vehicles
  • Fences and small garden paths or paving stones
  • Garden walls and stone walls
  • Small cars
  • Medium-sized and estate cars
  • Motorbikes and scooters
  • Outside steps and large garden paths
  • Garden/terrace/balcony furniture
  • Gardening equipment and tools

The K 5 Compact combines maximum convenience with full power. Thanks to its innovative hose storage concept, the high-pressure hose can be simply wound around the front cover after use and secured with a rubber band ready for transport. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the whole device is easy to transport and can be stored anywhere – on a shelf or in a car boot. Two carrying handles, a height-adjustable telescopic handle and the option of using the device either horizontally or vertically provide even more convenience while working. It is also equipped with a Quick Connect trigger gun, an 8 m high-pressure hose, a Vario Power spray lance (VPS), a dirt blaster and a water filter. The K 5 Compact pressure washer, with its water-cooled motor and an area performance of 40 m²/h, is ideally suited to regular use when tackling moderate dirt.

Features and benefits
Hose storage concept
Hose storage concept

The hose can be wound up, fixed in place with an elastic strap and quickly removed again ready for the next job.

Water-cooled motor and outstanding performance
Water-cooled motor and outstanding performance

The water-cooled motor impresses with its particularly long service life and high power.

Telescopic handle
Telescopic handle

The aluminium telescopic handle can be extended for transport and retracted again for storage.

Integrated accessory storage on the deviceConvenient and space-saving accessory storage.
Detergent inletEquipment includes an integrated suction mechanism for detergents.

Technical data

Weight 15.077 kg
Dimensions 35.4 × 30.8 × 52 cm
Pressure (bar)


Flow rate (l/h)


Max. inlet temperature (°C)

max. 40

Connection load (kW)


Area performance (m²/h)


Current type (V/Hz)

230 / 50


High-pressure gun, G 180 Q Vario Power Jet High-pressure hose, 8 m Quick Connect on the side of the device Detergent application via, Suction hose Telescopic handle Water-cooled motor Integrated water filter A3/4" garden hose connector adapter
Product information
Operating instructions
Operating instructions
Application areas
Bicycles Gardening equipment and tools Garden/terrace/balcony furniture Fences and small garden paths or paving stones Motorbikes and scooters Small cars Outside steps and large garden paths Medium-sized and estate cars Garden walls and stone walls Mobile homes and sport utility vehicles


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