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Cleaning agent CarpetPro iCapsol RM 760 Tablet is a spray extraction deep cleaner in tablet form. With encapsulation technology. In a practical foil that is water-soluble. No time-consuming rinsing.

Features and benefits
Effective deep cleaning agent for spray extraction cleaning of textile coverings and upholstery
Dissolves heavy oil, grease and mineral stains
iCapsol technology: no rinsing required, so surfaces are soon dry again
Reduced drying time
Skin protection thanks to single packaging of the cleaning tablets
Soluble tablets in a water-soluble film than promotes cleaning
Extremely gentle on materials
Cleaning active at all temperature ranges
Free from bleaching agents
Better hygiene
Gentle cleaning action
Application areas
Precelling car care Textile surfaces PW 20 PW 30/1 Puzzi 10/1 Puzzi 10/2 Adv Puzzi 30/4 Puzzi 30/4 E Puzzi 8/1 C


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