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Easy, convenient and time-saving. Steam vacuuming without chemicals.

Kärcher steam vacuum cleaners combine the advantages of steam cleaners with the strengths of dry vacuum cleaners. They can vacuum crumbs, for example, off the floor, wipe the floor damp and then dry, all in one easy procedure. These impressive all-round devices and matching accessories can clean any home easily, conveniently, quickly and without chemicals.

Hygienically clean

When it comes to bathrooms and toilets, just looking clean is not enough. The SV 7 steam vacuum cleaner ensures impeccable cleanliness and hygiene using hot steam.

Allergy sufferers can breathe more easily

Vacuuming with a four-stage filter system, but without a dust bag. The dust is bound in the water filter. The HEPA filter removes even respirable particles. The exhaust air is cleaner than the air in the room.

Two in one

Steam and dry vacuuming is possible without changing the filter. The vacuumed water is absorbed by the water filter.

3 in 1 system: steam cleaning, wet and dry cleaning

Effective cleaning of surfaces without the use of household chemicals is becoming real with modern and functional steam cleaners for the home. Presented in the online store аппараты сочетают в себе функционал пылесоса и возможности пароочистителя.

Impeccable cleanliness of furniture and floors

A vacuum cleaner with a steam generator quickly and easily copes with pollution in the hallway, bathroom, and kitchen, cleaning not only floors and carpets, but also plumbing, kitchen appliances, upholstered furniture and windows. The delicate maintenance of taps, tiled surfaces, hob and the removal of dirt from textiles have never been so simple and effective.

Effective dust and bacteria removal

The Kärcher 4-way filtration system and the absence of filter bags significantly increase the efficiency of fine dust removal and help to clean the air in the room. Steaming surfaces at high temperatures will save most bacteria from your home, helping maintain hygiene

Ease of use

Designed and manufactured in accordance with European standards, Kärcher cleaning machines are ergonomic and easy to use. Multilevel adjustments of steam supply and suction force, good maneuverability and ease of control greatly facilitate the cleanup process.


The versatility of Kärcher steam cleaners is also explained by their rich equipment. Together with the device itself you will receive 2 nozzles for windows (narrow and wide), soft brushes for furniture of several sizes, nozzles for different types of flooring, as well as for narrow and inaccessible places. In addition to these accessories, a measuring cup, a bag for storing brushes, a substance for neutralizing foam and spare parts are attached to the vacuum cleaner. More details about the complete set can be found on the product page.


With the Kärcher steam vacuum cleaner, general cleaning will be much easier and more enjoyable. Thanks to several levels of steam supply and suction power, you can clean almost any surface without leaving a single dirty corner. Vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning:

  • floors made of ceramics, marble, parquet, as well as carpeting;
  • window frames and glasses;
  • corners of stairs, doorposts, shutters and heating radiators;
  • sofas, armchairs, mattresses, car seats;
  • mirrors, picture frames, books, etc.

If you do not need such wide functionality, pay attention to the vertical Kärcher vacuum cleaners. They are more compact and affordable.


Each Kärcher steam vacuum cleaner is equipped with all the necessary safety systems. If during storage the tank runs out of water or the level of foam rises, the device will automatically turn off. And to prevent accidental release of steam, a lock button is provided on the handle. You will be able to entrust restoring order even to the child, without fear that he will harm himself.