The Buyer is entitled to warranty repairs in the presence of a fully filled warranty coupon with the seal of the commercial organization on receipts and coupons with the Buyer's signature confirming acceptance of the terms of this guarantee. If there is no sales date on the warranty card, a cashier's check or tax invoice is required. In case of failure to comply with the specified conditions, warranty repair services are not provided.

Warranty repair is based on the performance of the device purchased by the Buyer and is a free complex of business trips aimed at restoring work ability. The buyer is entitled to warranty repair within the warranty period if the device out of service due to a material defect in the device or the device being assembled incorrectly.

The buyer is deprived of the right to warranty repairs in the following cases:

  • If there are corrections or illegible entries in the warranty card. If the nameplate on the product is missing or damaged, the serial number is not legible or changed.
  • If the malfunction of the product is caused by mechanical damage during transportation or operation, improper maintenance, failure to provide maintenance. If the appliance is heavily contaminated inside and outside, as it is covered with contaminated fractions, such as rust during the cleaning, calcium (salt) deposits (nozzles, pressure tubes, filter elements, extension tubes, hoses, screws, screws , finishes, turbines, pumps, valves, technological holes, etc.). In this case, if possible, the cleaning can be done at the expense of the consumer.
  • Violation of operating rules (including overheating, overload, operation of the device not relevant to its purpose, operation of the device without a filter bag in cases where its use is mandatory or recommended by the manufacturer, operation of the device without filter elements, the use of which in the structure with defective accessories, or accessories that are not intended for a particular device, such as the use of detergents not intended for that type of device).
  • Repair of the device by third party organizations (not qualified service centers) or change of device structure.
  • Continuation of the operation of the device after the malfunction.
  • If the malfunctions are caused by conditions such as snow, rain, high humidity, aggressive environment, impermissible low or high temperatures.
  • In case of connection to the parameters required by the structure of the device to the power supply or water supply systems with inappropriate parameters (voltage, power, insufficient contact at the connection point, insufficient pressure or water quantity, high content of mechanical and chemical mixtures, lack of water filter or defect).
  • Availability of extraneous accessories, liquids, materials in the device.
  • If the malfunctions are caused by a delay in maintenance due to operating rules (oil change, tightening of screw connections, cleaning or replacement of filter elements, battery maintenance, replacement of filter bags, brushes, belts, etc.) ․
  • If improper use of materials has occurred (improper use of fuel and lubricating oils with inappropriate physical and chemical indicators that do not appropriate the standard of this type of device).
  • If there has been a misuse of materials (misuse of fuels and lubricating oils with unsuitable physical and chemical values that do not meet the standard of this type of device).
  • Use of chemical products other than Kärcher products.
  • Normal wear of parts of the device as a result of its operation and due to the abrasive effects of contact, pressure, bending, stretching or working material or external environment, which is directly related to the principle of operation of the device (nozzles, pressure pipes, hoses, filter elements, extension pipes , screw plugs, charcoal brushes, fasteners, seals, valves, cuffs, rubber products, and other consumable and fast tearing parts and knots). In the absence of production defects, the even and natural wear of the device parts does not give the right to replace them with a warranty.
  • Device damage due to natural disaster, fire, etc.
  • Installation, commissioning, cleaning, scheduled maintenance services, as well as prophylactic works are not included in the warranty obligations, and are provided on a paid basis, unless otherwise agreed.

The seller does not reimburse the Buyer's expenses during the failure of the device, including telephone calls, the rent of other devices, transportation and missed benefit of the device.

The warranty period for a new product is set depending on the category of the product and is:

Home & Garden

  • 24 months from date of purchase


  • 12 months from date of purchase