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Oscillating sprinklers


Those who take pride in their outdoor spaces know the importance of having the right tools and maintenance system in place, especially when on holidays. Nowhere is more important than when it comes to watering. Kärcher sprinklers are the perfect answer for avid garden lovers. Regardless of shape or size, our sprinkler system can be customised to your needs. Our clever watering solution will help you spend more time enjoying your garden, rather than maintaining it. Kärcher sprinkler systems are fully adjustable, allowing you to either distribute water evenly throughout or focus watering on areas in most need, such as those exposed to the most sunlight. If you require an easy to install and customisable sprinkler system, making garden maintenance easier and more enjoyable, Kärcher sprinklers are the perfect solution. High quality and hard-wearing, your garden will never go dry.

Oscillating sprinkler

Позволяет плавно изменять площадь орошения (макс. 320 м²).

Dry island

Размеры зоны орошения и расход воды можно отрегулировать, не промочив одежду.

Comfort setting

При установке дождевателя специальное приспособление защиащет пользователя от водяных брызг.

Variable irrigation zone width

Размеры орошаемой площади можно уменьшить, отключив часть форсунок

Irrigation area