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  • For pumping out excavation pits
  • For pumping out the house after a flood
  • For pumping out a swimming pool
  • For pumping out ponds and swimming ponds

The SP 7 Dirt is the highest-performance submersible dirty water pump from Kärcher. With up to 15,500 l/h, it is perfect for especially demanding drainage tasks, e.g. in large garden ponds, flooded cellars or building excavations (max. 100 m³), where dirt particles are up to 30 millimetres in size. If larger dirt presents the threat of a blockage, the integrated stainless steel prefilter can be pulled down to protect the pump impeller. The slide ring sealing, also used in the professional sector, ensures an extra-long lifetime. You also have the option of extending your guarantee to 5 years. The float switch enables other practical features: it switches the pump on and off automatically according to the water level, prevents dry running and is height-adjustable. It can also be fixed so that the submersible pump also pumps out water in continuous operation to a residual water height of 35millimetres. Furthermore, the Quick Connect connection thread enables quick connection of 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" hoses.

Features and benefits
Ceramic face seal.
Ceramic face seal.

For an extra long lifetime.

Flexible, height-adjustable float switch
Flexible, height-adjustable float switch

Increases the flexibility when setting the switch-on and switch-off point of the pumps and prevents dry running.

Quick Connect
Quick Connect

Connection thread for quick and uncomplicated connection of 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" hoses.

Designed for dirty waterReliable pumping of water with dirt particles up to 20 mm in size.
Possibility of fixing the float switchFor switching to continuous operation.
Comfortable carrying handleComfortable to hold and can also be used as a rope holder.
Sturdy and easy to attach prefilter as accessoryProtects the pump against excessively heavy soiling and thus prevents the pump impeller from becoming blocked.

Technical data

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 28.5 × 35.4 cm
Max. motor rating (W)


Max. flow rate (l/h)


Delivery temperature, max. (°C)


Delivery height / Max. pressure (m/bar)

8 / 0,8

Max. grain size (mm)


Max. immersion depth (m)


Min. residual water, manual (mm)


Residual water height (mm)


Connection thread

G1 1/2

Cable length (m)

H05RN-F / 10

Current type (V/Hz)

230 – 240

Frequency (Hz)



Comfortable carrying handle Hose connection piece, 1'', 1 1/4'', 1 1/2'' Easy hose connection thanks to Quick Connect Switching between manual/automatic operation, Possibility of fixing the float switch Flexible, height-adjustable float switch Integrated stainless steel pre-filter In automatic operation (auto), the pump automatically switches with the water level In manual operation, the pump runs continuously until the minimum quantity of residual water is reached
Product information
Operating instructions
Operating instructions
Operating instructions
Application areas
Pumping water from garden ponds Use in event of flooding Draining building pits up to max. 100 m³


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