Reverse graffiti - legal and impressive.

The high pressure washe can also be used as a high-powered device for artists. With the help of templates or the application of a special technique, it is possible to create large-scale illustrations. The reverse graffiti does not portray superstition, and just wash it.

The many fixtures on the wall presented a challenge as they provided an irregular surface to work on. As different parts of the wall had different levels of dirt, the artwork had to be positioned very precisely. In order to reach all of the different parts, the artist and the industrial climbers helping him abseiled down from the crest of the wall. It was mostly organic dirt such as algae, lichens and moss that needed to be removed from the dam – a job that could be carried out without the use of chemicals.

The port town’s and pier’s long history inspired the artist’s subjects: he chose different local personalities with ties to the shipping or fishing industry, who have especially expressive faces.

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