As a part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus, eight nursing homes in Armenia have received high-efficiency disinfection equipment. Kärcher provided disinfection equipment to nursing homes in Yerevan, Abovyan, Vanadzor, Gyumri, Akhuryan and Tashir. The purpose of the action is to protect the older generation at risk.

The official representative office of Kärcher in Armenia informs that the initiator of the charity is the asset management company C-Quadrat Ampega Armenia, which mainly manages pension assets in Armenia. Taking into account the situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic, in which the elderly are most vulnerable, as part of the corporate social responsibility of the company, it supported 8 nursing homes and day care centers in the Republic of Armenia.

The initiative was implemented under the auspices of Ernst-Ludwig Dries, Andreas Wimmer, Board Member of C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia, with technical support from Caritas Armenia. The event was sponsored by the German charitable organization Noah, represented by members of the executive board Johannes Kercher and Gevorg Hayrapetyan. The nursing homes were provided with steam generators that allow not only effectively cleaning surfaces from various types of contaminants, but also disinfecting surfaces. It is important to note that the steam cleaner does not require special detergents and disinfectants, which often cause allergic reactions. The main weapon is high pressure steam, which kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

This promotion is not the only initiative of Kärcher. The company provides assistance with the first stage of the spread of coronavirus in Armenia. Thus, the appropriate disinfection technique was also provided to the Nork Infectious Diseases Hospital. Kärcher's social assistance programs include helping large families, church organizations and much more. One of the following programs may be a program of cleaning monuments in the capital. The project will be implemented using the company's equipment and resources. Benefactor Johannes Kercher is an old friend of the Armenian people, such charity events are held not only in Armenia, but also in many other countries of the world.

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