The company Kärcher, which stands in the east of high-tech technologies and produces flagship pressure washers has introduced a novelty. Only small and compact high-end devices, which can compete with the popular K2 serial model.

The package contains few separate components, and they’re self-explanatory: there’s a five-metre high-pressure hose, a spray gun, two additional nozzle attachments, a garden hose connector adapter and a clip-on accessory holder. The pressure washer itself is quite small and correspondingly light. It weighs just 3.9 kilogrammes (4.7 kilogrammes with accessories). In addition, it comes with a power cable and an on/off switch. Nice and simple.

Thanks to its compact size and low weight, it can be transported and stored easily. The little power bundle is ideal for cleaning balconies, garden and patio furniture as well as bicycles and small cars quickly and efficiently. Its handling is self-evident: The spray gun, extension tube and Vario Power spray lance can be assembled in just a few steps.

Appropriately for the urban lifestyle, thanks to its especially small dimensions and the detachable storage box for accessories, the K Mini finds its place in every apartment, however small – without loss of performance: With a maximum pressure of 110 bar and a maximum water volume of 360 litres per hour, even stubborn dirt is removed.

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