Having become acquainted with steam cleaning, many no longer want to give it up. It's convenient, simple and hygienic: you don't need to use any detergents, the process destroys harmful pathogens, everything happens quickly. The steam cleaning device is universal: it can be used for floors, walls, and household appliances. Only a number of questions cause confusion, for example, how safe it is to steam clean laminate and other wood flooring.

How does a steam cleaner work?

Unlike conventional and washing vacuum cleaners, a steam cleaner does not draw in dirt. The device is filled with water and then heats it until it turns into steam. This steam is then released under pressure from the purifier nozzle. The steam jet is directed at the dirt, softening it and greatly facilitating cleaning: after treatment with hot steam, it will be enough to wipe off the softened dirt with a cloth or one of the special nozzles of the device. This is a universal cleaning method that is suitable for almost any surface. It can be used to clean hard furniture, floors, bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances such as stoves or ovens. Some attachments allow you to wash windows, refresh carpets and upholstered furniture. This is an indispensable assistant in the household: steam destroys up to 99.99% of common bacteria on hard surfaces without any chemicals.

Is it possible to steam clean laminate flooring?

In fact, it is impossible to give an exact answer to this question. Much depends on the coating itself: its class, degree of water resistance and wear resistance. Laminate floors come in different varieties and are sensitive to moisture and heat in different ways. Before you start cleaning, check whether the laminate flooring can be treated with steam in the technical description of the coating. If you cannot do this, for example, you do not know which model is installed in the apartment, first carefully try using the steam cleaner in a small area. Do not steam too intensely. There will likely be no harm to most common coatings. During operation, relatively little moisture is released compared to a washing vacuum cleaner or mop.

Benefits of cleaning laminate flooring with a steam cleaner

  • Simplicity. You don’t need to select floor cleaning products or spend a long time understanding the device’s structure. Everything can be done quickly and easily.
  • Environmental friendliness. The process does not use aggressive chemicals, saves water, and wastewater is not contaminated with chemicals.
  • Hygiene. Steam cleaning with a Karcher cleaner destroys up to 99.99% of harmful microorganisms on hard surfaces.
  • Convenience. The variety of attachments and the ergonomic shape of the device make cleaning easier and reduce cleaning time.
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