Household appliances have firmly integrated into the life of modern people and this is not surprising. Why not take advantage of the technical capabilities of innovative devices that make life so much easier and help free up more time for more interesting activities than keeping the house clean and tidy?

Kärcher offers a range of cordless vacuum cleaners to ease routine household chores around the home and beyond.

Cordless vacuum cleaners, due to their ability to work autonomously, have greater mobility and can reach the most inaccessible places, unlike equipment that works only by connecting to the network and its capabilities are limited by the length of the wire.

Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use cordless vacuum cleaners for the home allow you to quickly clean up even in rooms where there is no electricity.

What are the features and benefits of Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaners for the home?

The Kärcher brand is widely known in the world market of household and professional appliances for its high quality of production and assembly, reliability and the possibility of many years of operation under warranty service without major repairs.

Karcher cordless vacuum cleaners have a number of advantages and features:

  • The modern design and convenient ergonomic shape of the cordless vacuum cleaner make cleaning easy, without feeling the weight of the device in your hands and, as a result, less fatigue from the work process.
  • The durable body of the cordless vacuum cleaner can withstand heavy mechanical loads.
  • Light weight and ease of use do not require special skills, so even a child can operate the device.
  • Versatility and multifunctionality.
  • With relatively small overall dimensions, the cordless vacuum cleaner has excellent powerful suction on all types of surfaces.
  • Long battery life without recharging.
  • No need to get tangled in wires, and no need to worry about the lack of an outlet.
  • The low noise level allows you to clean without causing inconvenience to people around you.

What are the applications for Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaners?

Thanks to their versatility and compact dimensions, Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaners solve a very wide range of tasks.

Аккумуляторные пылесосы Kärcher для дома – беспроводная свобода движения
  1. Daily cleaning of the living space:
  • perfectly cleans wooden surfaces of furniture and bookshelves;
  • cleaning any hard surfaces such as linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.
  • cleaning all types of textile surfaces.
  1. Carpet cleaning.
  2. Very convenient to use for cleaning the car interior.
  3. High-quality and effective cleaning of places that are difficult to reach for conventional large vacuum cleaners, such as stairs.
  4. Cordless vacuum cleaners can clean crowded office spaces at the height of the workday with minimal noise.
  5. Cleaning in workshops and garden buildings, as well as in all places where electricity is not connected.
  6. Productively cleans basements and garages.


This model is perfect for complete cleaning of any floor surfaces. A powerful bagless cordless vacuum cleaner will effectively clean carpets and even smooth surfaces.

Thanks to the maneuverability of the motorized roller brush, the device will clean even under low furniture, and a special crevice nozzle will allow you to clean the narrowest places. In addition, the presence of additional accessories allows you to process any textile coating.

The continuous operation time of the VC 7 Cordless Yourmax Battery-power cordless vacuum cleaner is 50 minutes, and since the kit includes another additional battery, you can continue working without interruption for recharging.

Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner CVH 2

A lightweight and convenient assistant for the home, solving all small household tasks for cleaning dust and small particles of debris. Excellent for collecting pet hair and hair.

Thanks to its small overall dimensions, it can clean even hard-to-reach places, because... The cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a special attachment for cleaning cracks and tight spots.

Cordless vacuum cleaner VC 4 Cordless Myhome

An excellent alternative to a classic floor vacuum cleaner. It will do a great job with small cleaning of an ordinary apartment. Lightness and ease of use, as well as compactness for storage and transportation, make this model an attractive choice as a portable home assistant.

Complete freedom of movement, no wires always getting tangled under your feet - it’s convenient and pleasant to carry out small cleaning of all types of surfaces and hard-to-reach places.

A wide range of additional attachments will allow you to efficiently solve a variety of space cleaning tasks.

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