All Kärcher appliances are divided into two directions – household appliances, the design of which is dominated by yellow, and professional appliances, in the shade “anthracite”. Both are economical, reliable, and easy to use.

However, when choosing, it is important to understand what tasks the equipment should solve and under what conditions it will be used. A personal car or transport vehicle, a stove in an ordinary home kitchen and a stove in a restaurant - all of this is initially designed for different operating conditions. In the same way, it is ineffective to use household cleaning devices in production or in the office, because quality and speed suffer, and the service life of the device itself is reduced significantly. Household appliances, of course, are reliable and powerful, but they are not designed for daily intensive loads.

When developing professional vacuum cleaners, a higher duration and intensity of operation is taken into account, that is, daily work in non-stop mode. They have a longer turbine life and more durable filters, and their cables, tubes and housings are made to withstand possible shocks and sudden jerks that occur during work, for example։ at a construction site.

It is also important to remember about the quality of filtration, which is less critical for household models. Professionals often have to deal with hazardous dust, and the machines are designed with this in mind. For example, the T 10/1 Adv vacuum cleaner with six-stage filtration and many other models can be additionally equipped with a HEPA filter (it brings the cleaning degree to 99.997%).

When you work for a long time, ergonomics are very important. With professional equipment, everything is thought out in such a way that the user does not feel tired, does not waste a lot of time on operations such as emptying the vacuum cleaner container or changing attachments, and does not make mistakes. Thus, in the vacuum cleaner NT 22/1 Ap Te L with a socket for power tools, the connection hole for the suction hose is located directly on the turbine head, and this ensures maximum ease of disposal of collected waste, and the flat top part of the vacuum cleaner NT 30/1 Ap Te L allows you to place there is a toolbox on it and even fix it with a special device.

Cleaning requirements are constantly growing, the professional market is actively developing, and it is here that advanced technologies are first introduced to increase the productivity and efficiency of equipment. Kärcher engineers managed to ensure that the T 7/1 Classic *EU dry vacuum cleaner differs from comparable devices on the market by reducing power consumption by almost 25%, while the suction power at the inlet of the floor nozzle is on contrary 25% higher.

The undeniable advantages of professional cleaning equipment are greater reliability and high power, which allow you to easily cope with cleaning industrial areas and complex contaminants. This is why professional equipment will be a more cost-effective choice for business.

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