Is it possible to wash laminate flooring with a steam cleaner?

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Having become acquainted with steam cleaning, many no longer want to give it up. It's convenient, simple and hygienic: you don't need to use any detergents, the process destroys harmful pathogens, everything happens quickly. The steam cleaning device is universal: it can be used for floors, walls, and household appliances. Only a number of questions cause confusion, for example, how safe it is to steam clean laminate and other wood flooring.

How does a steam cleaner work?

Unlike conventional and washing vacuum cleaners, a steam cleaner does not draw in dirt. The device is filled with water and then heats it until it turns into steam. This steam is then released under pressure from the purifier nozzle. The steam jet is directed at the dirt, softening it and greatly facilitating cleaning: after treatment with hot steam, it will be enough to wipe off the softened dirt with a cloth or one of the special nozzles of the device. This is a universal cleaning method that is suitable for almost any surface. It can be used to clean hard furniture, floors, bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances such as stoves or ovens. Some attachments allow you to wash windows, refresh carpets and upholstered furniture. This is an indispensable assistant in the household: steam destroys up to 99.99% of common bacteria on hard surfaces without any chemicals.

Is it possible to steam clean laminate flooring?

In fact, it is impossible to give an exact answer to this question. Much depends on the coating itself: its class, degree of water resistance and wear resistance. Laminate floors come in different varieties and are sensitive to moisture and heat in different ways. Before you start cleaning, check whether the laminate flooring can be treated with steam in the technical description of the coating. If you cannot do this, for example, you do not know which model is installed in the apartment, first carefully try using the steam cleaner in a small area. Do not steam too intensely. There will likely be no harm to most common coatings. During operation, relatively little moisture is released compared to a washing vacuum cleaner or mop.

Benefits of cleaning laminate flooring with a steam cleaner

  • Simplicity. You don’t need to select floor cleaning products or spend a long time understanding the device’s structure. Everything can be done quickly and easily.
  • Environmental friendliness. The process does not use aggressive chemicals, saves water, and wastewater is not contaminated with chemicals.
  • Hygiene. Steam cleaning with a Karcher cleaner destroys up to 99.99% of harmful microorganisms on hard surfaces.
  • Convenience. The variety of attachments and the ergonomic shape of the device make cleaning easier and reduce cleaning time.


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Household appliances have firmly integrated into the life of modern people and this is not surprising. Why not take advantage of the technical capabilities of innovative devices that make life so much easier and help free up more time for more interesting activities than keeping the house clean and tidy?

Kärcher offers a range of cordless vacuum cleaners to ease routine household chores around the home and beyond.

Cordless vacuum cleaners, due to their ability to work autonomously, have greater mobility and can reach the most inaccessible places, unlike equipment that works only by connecting to the network and its capabilities are limited by the length of the wire.

Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use cordless vacuum cleaners for the home allow you to quickly clean up even in rooms where there is no electricity.

What are the features and benefits of Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaners for the home?

The Kärcher brand is widely known in the world market of household and professional appliances for its high quality of production and assembly, reliability and the possibility of many years of operation under warranty service without major repairs.

Karcher cordless vacuum cleaners have a number of advantages and features:

  • The modern design and convenient ergonomic shape of the cordless vacuum cleaner make cleaning easy, without feeling the weight of the device in your hands and, as a result, less fatigue from the work process.
  • The durable body of the cordless vacuum cleaner can withstand heavy mechanical loads.
  • Light weight and ease of use do not require special skills, so even a child can operate the device.
  • Versatility and multifunctionality.
  • With relatively small overall dimensions, the cordless vacuum cleaner has excellent powerful suction on all types of surfaces.
  • Long battery life without recharging.
  • No need to get tangled in wires, and no need to worry about the lack of an outlet.
  • The low noise level allows you to clean without causing inconvenience to people around you.

What are the applications for Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaners?

Thanks to their versatility and compact dimensions, Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaners solve a very wide range of tasks.

Аккумуляторные пылесосы Kärcher для дома – беспроводная свобода движения
  1. Daily cleaning of the living space:
  • perfectly cleans wooden surfaces of furniture and bookshelves;
  • cleaning any hard surfaces such as linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.
  • cleaning all types of textile surfaces.
  1. Carpet cleaning.
  2. Very convenient to use for cleaning the car interior.
  3. High-quality and effective cleaning of places that are difficult to reach for conventional large vacuum cleaners, such as stairs.
  4. Cordless vacuum cleaners can clean crowded office spaces at the height of the workday with minimal noise.
  5. Cleaning in workshops and garden buildings, as well as in all places where electricity is not connected.
  6. Productively cleans basements and garages.


This model is perfect for complete cleaning of any floor surfaces. A powerful bagless cordless vacuum cleaner will effectively clean carpets and even smooth surfaces.

Thanks to the maneuverability of the motorized roller brush, the device will clean even under low furniture, and a special crevice nozzle will allow you to clean the narrowest places. In addition, the presence of additional accessories allows you to process any textile coating.

The continuous operation time of the VC 7 Cordless Yourmax Battery-power cordless vacuum cleaner is 50 minutes, and since the kit includes another additional battery, you can continue working without interruption for recharging.

Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner CVH 2

A lightweight and convenient assistant for the home, solving all small household tasks for cleaning dust and small particles of debris. Excellent for collecting pet hair and hair.

Thanks to its small overall dimensions, it can clean even hard-to-reach places, because... The cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a special attachment for cleaning cracks and tight spots.

Cordless vacuum cleaner VC 4 Cordless Myhome

An excellent alternative to a classic floor vacuum cleaner. It will do a great job with small cleaning of an ordinary apartment. Lightness and ease of use, as well as compactness for storage and transportation, make this model an attractive choice as a portable home assistant.

Complete freedom of movement, no wires always getting tangled under your feet - it’s convenient and pleasant to carry out small cleaning of all types of surfaces and hard-to-reach places.

A wide range of additional attachments will allow you to efficiently solve a variety of space cleaning tasks.

Why professional equipment?

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All Kärcher appliances are divided into two directions – household appliances, the design of which is dominated by yellow, and professional appliances, in the shade “anthracite”. Both are economical, reliable, and easy to use.

However, when choosing, it is important to understand what tasks the equipment should solve and under what conditions it will be used. A personal car or transport vehicle, a stove in an ordinary home kitchen and a stove in a restaurant - all of this is initially designed for different operating conditions. In the same way, it is ineffective to use household cleaning devices in production or in the office, because quality and speed suffer, and the service life of the device itself is reduced significantly. Household appliances, of course, are reliable and powerful, but they are not designed for daily intensive loads.

When developing professional vacuum cleaners, a higher duration and intensity of operation is taken into account, that is, daily work in non-stop mode. They have a longer turbine life and more durable filters, and their cables, tubes and housings are made to withstand possible shocks and sudden jerks that occur during work, for example։ at a construction site.

It is also important to remember about the quality of filtration, which is less critical for household models. Professionals often have to deal with hazardous dust, and the machines are designed with this in mind. For example, the T 10/1 Adv vacuum cleaner with six-stage filtration and many other models can be additionally equipped with a HEPA filter (it brings the cleaning degree to 99.997%).

When you work for a long time, ergonomics are very important. With professional equipment, everything is thought out in such a way that the user does not feel tired, does not waste a lot of time on operations such as emptying the vacuum cleaner container or changing attachments, and does not make mistakes. Thus, in the vacuum cleaner NT 22/1 Ap Te L with a socket for power tools, the connection hole for the suction hose is located directly on the turbine head, and this ensures maximum ease of disposal of collected waste, and the flat top part of the vacuum cleaner NT 30/1 Ap Te L allows you to place there is a toolbox on it and even fix it with a special device.

Cleaning requirements are constantly growing, the professional market is actively developing, and it is here that advanced technologies are first introduced to increase the productivity and efficiency of equipment. Kärcher engineers managed to ensure that the T 7/1 Classic *EU dry vacuum cleaner differs from comparable devices on the market by reducing power consumption by almost 25%, while the suction power at the inlet of the floor nozzle is on contrary 25% higher.

The undeniable advantages of professional cleaning equipment are greater reliability and high power, which allow you to easily cope with cleaning industrial areas and complex contaminants. This is why professional equipment will be a more cost-effective choice for business.

How to clean windows?

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Ни для кого не секрет, что грязь на окнах задерживает солнечный свет, которого осенью хочется еще больше. Порой цифра вызывает недоумение – до 50%. Еще вчера хозяйки боролись с пылью на окнах обычными тряпками и теплой водой, натирая их до блеска сухими газетами и салфетками. Но как ни старайся, таким способом идеальной чистоты не добиться. Разводы остаются даже у самых трепетных хозяек. А если вспомнить, что с этими тряпками и газетами нужно будет изрядно померзнуть с открытым окном, хочется свернуть затею мытья окон и больше о ней не думать.
Но как здорово, что в современном мире нашлось время для решения всех проблем хозяек – электронные стеклоочистители и пароочистители.

Стеклоочиститель – это маленький пылесос со специальной насадкой, который быстро и эффективно засасывает всю влагу с гладкой поверхности, не оставляя потеков и разводов. Он компактный и легкий. Любая хозяйка сможет держать его в одной руке. А отсутствие шнура позволит быть мобильным при уборке.

Вымойте самые дальние окна

С помощью стеклоочистителя можно вымыть мансардные окна, не опасаясь, что грязная вода накапает прямо за шиворот, а также большие окна оранжерейного типа: специальная телескопическая ручка поможет добраться даже до высоко расположенных стекол и глухих створок с фасадной стороны. Преимуществом стеклоочистителей является практически бесшумная работа и компактность.

Как происходит процесс мытья окон со стеклоочистителем? Для начала поверхность необходимо увлажнить из пульверизатора раствором чистящего средства, распределив его специальной микроволоконной насадкой по всей поверхности. Далее убрать влагу вместе с растворенной грязью с помощью стеклоочистителя. Этот процесс не отнимет у вас никаких усилий и времени. При этом результат виден сразу: ни разводов, ни капель, ни пылинки. Собранную воду после уборки нужно просто утилизировать в унитаз.

Моем окна пароочистителем

Существует два вида пароочистителей: компактный для экспресс-очистки и крупногабаритные, для генеральных уборок помещений. Когда перед вами стоит задача быстро помыть окна, обработать мебель или устранить пятно на ковре, то вам подойдет и ручная модель. Минутная готовность к вашим задачами!

Ручной пароочиститель KÄRCHER SC1 эффективно справляется с загрязнениями и убивает 99,99% бактерий на твердых покрытиях. Котел новой конструкции обеспечивает высокое давление пара (3 бар), а благодаря нагревателю в 1200 Вт время подготовки к работе не превышает 3 минут. Благодаря своим компактным размерам пароочиститель SC1 будет идеален для оперативной уборки по дому, особенно на кухне и в ванной, так как им очень удобно чистить краны, душевые кабины, плитку и зеркала.

Do you know what is reverse graffiti?

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Reverse graffiti - legal and impressive.

The high pressure washe can also be used as a high-powered device for artists. With the help of templates or the application of a special technique, it is possible to create large-scale illustrations. The reverse graffiti does not portray superstition, and just wash it.

The many fixtures on the wall presented a challenge as they provided an irregular surface to work on. As different parts of the wall had different levels of dirt, the artwork had to be positioned very precisely. In order to reach all of the different parts, the artist and the industrial climbers helping him abseiled down from the crest of the wall. It was mostly organic dirt such as algae, lichens and moss that needed to be removed from the dam – a job that could be carried out without the use of chemicals.

The port town’s and pier’s long history inspired the artist’s subjects: he chose different local personalities with ties to the shipping or fishing industry, who have especially expressive faces.

How does pressure washer work

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Roll out the pressure washer! Many people now routinely use these super-powerful hoses (also known as "power washers") to blast things clean with water jets pressurized at about 100–200 times the pressure of the air around us (that's 1500–3000 pounds per square inch or psi). They're brilliant on patios, drives, lawn furniture, barbecue grills, and all kinds of other outside grime. Let's take a closer look at how they work!

Why pressure jets get things cleaner

That's when a pressure washer comes in really handy. It uses a narrow, high-pressure jet of hot or cold water to blast dirt free. Because the water is traveling fast, it hits the dirty surface with high kinetic energy, knocking dirt and dust away like a constant rain of tiny hammer blows. It's only water, though, so it doesn't damage most hard surfaces. Having said that, it's a good idea to test a pressure washer on an inconspicuous area before you start work to make sure it doesn't harm the surface you're cleaning. Always read the instructions before you use a pressure washer! 

Пример: АВД «Керхер K 7 Full Control»

A pressure washer is less sophisticated than it sounds. It's really just a water pump powered by an electric motor. The washer takes in ordinary water from a faucet (that's a tap to you folks in the UK), the pump accelerates the water to high pressure, and then squirts it from a hose at speed through a trigger gun. You can fit various other attachments to the end of the hose for cleaning different things. These, then, are the main parts you'll find inside a pressure washer: Water inlet: A hose that connects the pressure washer to the main water supply. There's usually a filter in the inlet to stop dirt and debris entering the washer and clogging up the works. Little bits of grit are the last thing you want inside your washer—especially since they could come blasting out of the other end at high speed! Electric motor or gas engine: Most smaller, pressure washers (such as the very popular ones made by Kärcher) run off the domestic electricity supply, but bigger models are powered by compact gasoline engines. The engines are similar to the ones you'd find in lawnmowers (typically power rated at around 3–4kW or 3.5–5.5HP). Gas engine models are great if you're working outside in places where an electricity supply is hard to find (or where a long trailing cable would be dangerous or inconvenient). The motor or engine is designed to power the water pump. Filling up a gasoline-powered pressure washer Photo: Although domestic pressure washers are typically powered by electricity, bigger ones are often driven by small gasoline engines and produce considerably more powerful water jets. Here's the engine inside a typical gas-powered washer used by the US Marine Corps being refilled ready for cleaning helicopters. This one's made by Jenny and rated at a pressure of 3400 psi (roughly 230 times normal atmospheric pressure), which is about three times more than an average home Kärcher. It's just about the most powerful washer you'll come across! Photo by LCpl. Jesse D. Leger courtesy of US Marine Corps. Water pump: This is the heart of a pressure washer. It's a bit like a hand-operated ground-water pump—only it's driven at high speed by the electric motor (or gas engine) instead of your hand. When the engine pulls the pump one way, it sucks water in from the faucet; when it pushes the pump the other way, the water squirts out in a high-pressure jet. Pumps are designed to handle a water flow of around 4–8 liters (1–2 gallons) per minute. High-pressure hose: This is the tube that runs out from the washer to whatever cleaning attachment you've decided to use. An ordinary bit of tubing wouldn't be able to survive the high-pressure of the water flowing through it. High-pressure hose is reinforced with wire mesh and has two or more layers of high-density plastic. It's important to use hose that has a higher pressure rating than the pump in your pressure washer but, if your washer came with your own hose, there shouldn't be anything to worry about. Typically, the safety margin on pressure-washer hoses is about 300 percent, so if your washer is rated at 2000 psi, your hose should be able to withstand pressures of at least 6000 psi. Cleaning attachment: Depending on what you're cleaning, you can switch from a simple trigger gun (essentially just a valve that lets water through only when you squeeze the handle) to a spinning wand spray or a rotating brush to scrub your drive. Powered attachments are driven by the force of the water flowing through them. [1]. Для того чтобы система давления работала корректно, необходима вода, которая подается в устройство при помощи садового шланга [2]. Прежде чем жидкость пройдет через клапаны и начнет выходить под давлением, она пройдет через двойной контур вокруг мотора и охладит его [3]For less noise

Мотор приводит в движение косую шайбу, она в свою очередь запускает работу трех поршней, каждый из которых работает на забор и подачу воды [4]. Нисходящее движение [6] Getting water [5] Pushing water to pump [7] Chemical gives out [10] injector [8] Water going through pump [9] high pressure gun

Real time work

The pump squirts out the hot, soapy water through the reinforced, high-pressure exit hose (and whatever attachment is fixed onto it). The narrow nozzle on these attachments helps to increase the pressure of the water jet even more. The high-pressure of the jet not only cleans more effectively but means you're wasting around 80 percent less water than if you used an ordinary low-pressure hosepipe (which is more economical if your water is metered).

All benefits and drawbacks of high pressures

High pressure washers is good for celaning different surfaces

Deep cleaningThey use a lot of water (typically 4–8 liters or 1–2 gallons per minute). That water needs to move away quickly, so you'll need good drainage where you're working if you don't want to cause a flood.

High efficenceAlthough power washers are insulated and very safe to use, there's always a risk of using electricity near water, so be sure to work with an RCD unless you're using a gasoline-powered machine.

WaterThey can make everything around them (including you!) very dirty by blasting filth in all directions. Think carefully about the order or direction in which you'll be working to minimize how much cleaning up you'll need to do later. Choose your attachments wisely to avoid making too much mess, and be sure to wear waterproof, protective overalls and shoes.

Easy handling.Pressure washers are blunt instruments, not always suitable for cleaning delicate fixtures and fittings. Used the wrong way, they can damage wooden decking and penetrate the weakening seals of old windows, making them more prone to leaks or (in the case of double-glazing) "fogging up." If you're unsure, try your washer on an inconspicuous area first—and use with a low-power setting (or a wide nozzle) before upping the power (or using a narrower nozzle) once you feel it's safe to do so.

Many nozzlesThe use of special nozzles allows you to effectively clean seams and other hard-to-reach places, completely removing dirt, rust, plaque and fungus.

Most miniature pressure washer K Mini

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The company Kärcher, which stands in the east of high-tech technologies and produces flagship pressure washers has introduced a novelty. Only small and compact high-end devices, which can compete with the popular K2 serial model.

The package contains few separate components, and they’re self-explanatory: there’s a five-metre high-pressure hose, a spray gun, two additional nozzle attachments, a garden hose connector adapter and a clip-on accessory holder. The pressure washer itself is quite small and correspondingly light. It weighs just 3.9 kilogrammes (4.7 kilogrammes with accessories). In addition, it comes with a power cable and an on/off switch. Nice and simple.

Thanks to its compact size and low weight, it can be transported and stored easily. The little power bundle is ideal for cleaning balconies, garden and patio furniture as well as bicycles and small cars quickly and efficiently. Its handling is self-evident: The spray gun, extension tube and Vario Power spray lance can be assembled in just a few steps.

Appropriately for the urban lifestyle, thanks to its especially small dimensions and the detachable storage box for accessories, the K Mini finds its place in every apartment, however small – without loss of performance: With a maximum pressure of 110 bar and a maximum water volume of 360 litres per hour, even stubborn dirt is removed.

Armenian-German anti-epidemic assistance to nursing homes

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As a part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus, eight nursing homes in Armenia have received high-efficiency disinfection equipment. Kärcher provided disinfection equipment to nursing homes in Yerevan, Abovyan, Vanadzor, Gyumri, Akhuryan and Tashir. The purpose of the action is to protect the older generation at risk.

The official representative office of Kärcher in Armenia informs that the initiator of the charity is the asset management company C-Quadrat Ampega Armenia, which mainly manages pension assets in Armenia. Taking into account the situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic, in which the elderly are most vulnerable, as part of the corporate social responsibility of the company, it supported 8 nursing homes and day care centers in the Republic of Armenia.

The initiative was implemented under the auspices of Ernst-Ludwig Dries, Andreas Wimmer, Board Member of C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia, with technical support from Caritas Armenia. The event was sponsored by the German charitable organization Noah, represented by members of the executive board Johannes Kercher and Gevorg Hayrapetyan. The nursing homes were provided with steam generators that allow not only effectively cleaning surfaces from various types of contaminants, but also disinfecting surfaces. It is important to note that the steam cleaner does not require special detergents and disinfectants, which often cause allergic reactions. The main weapon is high pressure steam, which kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

This promotion is not the only initiative of Kärcher. The company provides assistance with the first stage of the spread of coronavirus in Armenia. Thus, the appropriate disinfection technique was also provided to the Nork Infectious Diseases Hospital. Kärcher's social assistance programs include helping large families, church organizations and much more. One of the following programs may be a program of cleaning monuments in the capital. The project will be implemented using the company's equipment and resources. Benefactor Johannes Kercher is an old friend of the Armenian people, such charity events are held not only in Armenia, but also in many other countries of the world.

KÄRCHER study in the world: cleaning helps combat daily stress

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Взяв в руки тряпку или пылесос, каждый из нас рассчитывает получить конкретный результат – чистоту и уют в доме. Но, оказывается, сам процесс тоже имеет значение: было выяснено, что на многих уборка действует успокаивающе.

Например, 75 % британцев утверждают, что они всегда моют пол, когда испытывают эмоциональное перенапряжение, а 84 % из них чувствуют себя комфортнее в чистом доме. Связь уборки со снятием стресса прослеживается и во Франции: 59 % французов описывают свое состояние в этот момент как медитативное и спокойное.

The international cleaning study, which was conducted by Dynata on behalf of Kärcher in eleven countries, reveals this and many other findings .

Cleaning, but thoroughly

Две трети немцев убираются как минимум раз в неделю, а 13 % — и вовсе каждый день. Исследование показало, что лишь 9 % немцев выделяют какой-то определенный день недели для наведения порядка. При этом 88 % местных респондентов придают огромное значение чистоте в доме.

В Китае особое внимание при уборке уделяют тщательной очистке, например с помощью пароочистителя, — важной или очень важной интенсивную уборку считают 94 % опрошенных, в том числе этого мнения придерживаются 99% опрошенных от 25 до 34 лет. Какую из зон домашнего пространства необходимо убирать наиболее тщательно? За кухню — 41 %, по 25 % — у ванной и спальни.

How long the world spends cleaning

Повсеместно уборка дома занимает ровно столько же времени, сколько длится средний поход в кино, длительная прогулка или поход с друзьями в кофейню. В среднем по миру на приведение дома в порядок затрачивается 2 часа 52 минуты в неделю. Наибольшее количество времени на уборку собственного жилья тратят россияне — около 4 часов 49 минут.

Это неудивительно, чистоту ценят 97 % наших соотечественников. Также много времени посвящают уборке в Бельгии: с результатом примерно 3 часа 39 минут респонденты находятся в числе лидеров, но 45 % из них хотели бы иметь еще больше времени для домашних дел.

При сравнении по странам меньше всех заботятся о чистоте в доме японцы, что отражается и на длительности уборки: в Стране восходящего солнца она составляет 1 час 29 минут.

Classic helpers versus state-of-the-art technology

Подходящие вспомогательные средства делают уборку простой и эффективной. Во всем мире люди не могут обходиться без ручных инструментов, таких как веник, щетка, швабра и т. д. (79 %), моющих средств (75 %) или проводных электроприборов (66 %), которыми пользуются большинство опрошенных.

При этом прослеживается тенденция к переходу на беспроводные устройства. В Японии очень популярны аппараты с аккумулятором — каждый второй японец (54 %) считает их использование важным, а треть (34 %) уже пользуются ими.

Мнения об автономных чистящих решениях, таких как роботы-пылесосы, сильно различаются в разных странах, и чаще всего ими пользуются в Китае (целых 38 %).

В Германии, по сравнению с прошлым годом, применение таких устройств остается на прежнем уровне и составляет всего 15 %.

Для сравнения, в других странах больше рассчитывают на то, что убираются сами люди без помощи роботов. Например, в Польше каждый второй (52 %) в домашних делах полагается на помощь близких, членов семьи и домочадцев.

About cleaning behaviour

По заказу Kärcher институт исследований рынка Dynata опросил 11 099 человек в возрасте от 18 до 65 лет из 11 стран: Бельгии, Бразилии, Великобритании, Германии, Китая, Нидерландов, Польши, России, США, Франции и Японии.

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KÄRCHER steam cleaners for hygiene

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Pressure + Speed + Temperature = Ultimate Clean The secret of steam cleaning lies in the powerful combination of pressure, speed and temperature. Microscopic steam particles force their way into even the tiniest areas to thoroughly loosen dirt particles. Our steam cleaners do not use any chemicals – they use only tap water. This provides a safe environment for small children in particular, who like to put things in their mouths. Allergy sufferers can also breathe a sigh of relief. If used properly, Kärcher steam cleaners like the SC 3 can remove up to 99.999% of enveloped viruses1, such as the coronavirus or influenza, and up to 99.9% of common household bacteria2 from hard surfaces.

Germs don't stand a chance

Germs don't stand a chance Sometimes the best way of getting rid of germs is also the simplest: hot steam. The forceful ejection of steam, combined with nozzles and cleaning cloths, ensures that Kärcher steam cleaners remove up to 99.999% of enveloped viruses*, such as the coronavirus or influenza, and up to 99.9% of common household bacteria** on hard surfaces, fittings, tiles, mirrors and more. This has been confirmed by scientific studies – with Kärcher steam cleaners, germs don't stand a chance. Chemical-free cleaning made easy!

Kärcher steam cleaners remove up to 99.999% of enveloped viruses*, such as the coronavirus or influenza, and up to 99.9% of common household bacteria

Kärcher steam cleaners are not just for kitchen and bathroom surfaces – they also ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene on hard surfaces like stone, tiles, vinyl, laminate and varnished wood flooring. The Kärcher floor nozzle is fitted with slats so that the steam remains concentrated on the floor and is used to maximum effect. Thanks to their unsurpassed cleaning performance, Kärcher steam cleaners are considerably more hygienic than a regular mop or spray mop.

The need for speed

Other popular steam cleaners can take up to eight minutes or more to fully heat up and produce steam. If you've just finished cooking and want to do a quick kitchen cleanup, who wants to wait eight minutes? And if you've finally committed to cleaning the bathroom, waiting that long might just make you put it off for another day. Kärcher steam cleaners heat up and produce steam in as few as 40 seconds! In fact, you might even be done steam cleaning before a competing machine fully heats up. Truly timesaving.

A competitive edge

Cheap steamers cut a lot of corners, especially with nozzles. When you attempt to clean the floor, you can see the nozzles making lines of steam instead of covering the entire area.

Kärcher steam cleaners use Lamella Technology to ensure the steam is equally distributed throughout the cleaning cloth.

In addition to getting to an even clean, you also get effective edge cleaning. So go ahead and clean those baseboard edges while you're cleaning the floor. No extra tools required!